Who We Are

Assistive Technology NW is a group of three licensed therapists with a shared mission of providing client-centered services in a community setting.

Ande Ekstam, MA, CCC-SLP, LLC

Speech-Language Pathologist
I believe communication is a vital part of being human and I love that every day I am able to collaborate and develop inventive ways that allow people to express their needs and thoughts.

Training:  Ande graduated with her master's degree from the University of Northern Iowa in 2007. She has worked in several pediatric hospital-based settings within Portland. Her work has focused on AAC, feeding difficulties, acute care, cognitive rehabilitation, and craniofacial disorders. She also spent a year working on the Feeding Team for Portland Public Schools. She has enjoyed having this array of experiences because it has provided her with unique insight into several specialty areas and settings.

Background:  Ande was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, IA, and moved out to Portland in 2007. When she's not busy at work, she loves cooking big meals for friends and family, skiing or indulging in a good TV show with her fiancé, Pete, or jogging with her Springer Spaniel, Dorothy

Carrie Luse, MSR, OT/L, ATP, LLC

Occupational Therapist


Assistive Technology Professional
"I believe everyone should have access to the world around them. Humans learn by doing. Interacting with people and meaningful objects, as well as moving through space is essential to human development and self-esteem. My philosophy is to use a holistic approach without forgetting the details. I believe that sometimes the smallest change can make the biggest difference."

Training:  Carrie graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina in 2001 with a Masters in Occupational Therapy. Her education was primarily interdisciplinary, learning alongside Physical Therapy and Speech Language Pathology students. In addition to assistive technology, Carrie is trained and experienced in sensory integration, neuro-developmental treatment, handwriting techniques, and more. She worked for almost 10 years at a local hospital serving children in outpatient treatment, inpatient care, and a variety of specialty clinics.

Background:  Carrie moved to Portland in 2001 from the east coast. She is married with two young girls, and lives in NE Portland. She loves leisurely bike-trips around the city with her family. This is her favorite activity. 

Kim Elliott, MS, CCC-SLP, LLC

Speech Language Pathologist
Communication empowers us to affect change on our environment, participate in human interaction, and assert ourselves into the world. It is essential to our humanity and to the creation of ourselves. Everyone has a voice, whatever form it may take, and I take joy in being part of the process to help others find that voice. Not being able to speak is not the same as having nothing to say.

Training:  Kim received her undergraduate degree in Dance from York University in Toronto, Canada. After years of dancing and teaching, she completed her graduate degree in Speech Language Pathology from Portland State University.She enjoyed her work at Emanuel Children's Hospital,where she provided an array of developmental and rehabilitative services in pediatrics, including AAC, feeding/swallowing, Rett Clinic, acute care, inpatient rehabilitation, articulation, and language development. She specializes in providing therapy that focuses on developing communication systems for those who are nonverbal or minimally verbal. She approaches therapy looking at the whole person and, therefore, particularly enjoys collaboration. She is also trained as a teacher of “Danceability”, a dance/movement approach that includes people of all abilities.

Background:  Kim was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. She then relocated to Montreal, Quebec. After Montreal, life led her on a circuitous route through the Adirondacks in upstate New York, eventually landing her in Portland, Oregon in 1997. She loves the Pacific Northwest. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking, biking, cooking, and making things – whatever they may be.

Assistive Technology NW (ATNW) is our assumed business name, and each therapist is licensed as an individual limited liability company (LLC) and functions separately.